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Tanner (Boyfriend)
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Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:

Grace Phipps

Lela is the leading female character in Wet Side Story. When Brady and McKenzie go into the movie, Lela accidentally falls in love with Brady, instead of Tanner, her original love interest. She is portrayed by Grace Phipps.


In Wet Side Story, Lela is a part of the biker group, "The Rodents". When Lela falls into surfer guy, Tanner's, arms she instantly falls in love with him. Due to them being apart of rival groups, Bikers and Surfers, they must keep their love a secret.

When Brady , who is a real person, is transported into Wet Side Story, Lela falls into his arms instead and instead falls in love with Brady rather than Tanner. To try to make the movie right again, Mack and Brady try to set her up with Tanner however, they ultimately fail and they are instead naturally brought together.

At the end of Teen Beach Movie , she, along with her brother and a few other bikers and surfers, gets trapped inside the real world.


Crusin' for a Brusin' 19

Lela trimming her nails with other biker girls.

Lela is sweet, kind, and good-hearted 1960's girl. She generally takes a positive outlook, is almost always friendly, and is rarely seen being moody.  She enjoys being a part of the bikers, but also would enjoy surfing and sunshine. She is known to change what she wears to attract boys.



Teen beach movie trailer capture 85

Lela in Tanner's arms.

Tanner and Lela are the main characters in Wet Side Story.  The two care for each other deeply, but are aware that their relationship may never work out due to being from opposing groups. Near the end of the movie Lela falls for Tanner when the movie is back on track, and they become a couple, like they were supposed to be in the first place.


Teen beach movie trailer capture 90

Lela falling for Brady.

Brady and Lela are are very close friends and spend plenty of time together. However, their relationship gets complicated when Brady catches her instead of Tanner. Lela calls him her hero, and falls for him. At one point, however, she chooses Tanner over him, of which Brady is perfectly fine with since Brady is with Mack.

McKenzie Fox

BikersvsSurfers 25

Lela and Mack at Lela's slumber party.

Although Lela's breaking into song gets on Mack's nerves, they have a close friendship as Lela considers Mack one of her best friends. Mack sometimes acts as a role model for Lela, offering her advice and doing activities with her, such as spending nights at Lela's house together. Lela feels close enough to Mack to confide information she couldn't to anyone else.


Lela and Butchy are siblings. They barely interact onscreen, though they do enjoy spending quality time together. Their typical activities include hanging out at Big Momma's and rivaling against the surfers. Butchy is rather overprotective of Lela, but how she feels about him is never revealed.

Lugnut, Chee Chee, and Struts 

BikersvsSurfers 11

Lela and the biker group laughing.

Along with Butchy, Lugnut, Chee Chee, and Struts are among Lela's closest friends in the biker group, and all of them like to hang out in Big Momma's, doing various activities, many of them opposing the surfers.


  • Lela has always wanted to surf.
  • She has a necklace that means Friendship Forever (at the end of the movie she gives it to Mack).
  • She is one of the six people that accidentally got stuck in the real world at the end of the movie (Along with TannerButchy, SeacatGiggles, and also Struts).


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