Meant to Be (Reprise 1)
Teen beach movie trailer capture 125
Song by Spencer Lee as Tanner and Grace Phipps as Lela

Teen Beach Movie (Soundtrack)


July 16, 2013




Like Me


Can't Stop Singing

Mean to Be (Reprise 1) is a song in Teen Beach Movie and is featured on the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack. This song is the first reprise to Meant to Be and is sung by Spencer Lee as Tanner (portrayed by Garrett Clayton in the movie) and Grace Phipps as Lela. This song takes places when Tanner and Lela are waiting on the beach next to each other waiting for Mack and Brady to meet them. However, once Tanner and Lela talk for a bit, they realize they are really meant for each other and they sing this song.


Oh, I know, I know, he’s out there
Most definitely

Maybe you’ve already met
The one you’ll never forget

Lela and Tanner:
Your meant to be…
When it’s meant to be
You go kinda crazy
Meant to be
You forget your name

When it’s meant to be
It’s destiny callin’
And nothin’ ever will be the same!


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