Silver the Hedgehog's courtyard is a battle arena in Sonic the Hedgehog series and Equestria Girls series. This battle arena made its first debut in Equestria Girls: A Mysterious Hedgehog Named Silver.


Silver the Hedgehog's courtyard showcases a bunch of constructions workers building a statue of Silver the Hedgehog in the background with a massive chained rottweiler visible as well among the construction equipment of pulleys and wooden support beams. This area is also where public assassinations take place for the populace to witness.


Silver the Hedgehog's courtyard features five arena interactions. From farthest left to right, they are:

  • A mahogany plank that can be used to smash the opponent by the head with it.
  • A teak plant that can be used to strike the opponent by the skull with it.
  • A stone pillar that can be used to slammed an opponent into.
  • A pile of bricks that can be used in order to escape from the opponent.
  • A burning pyre of molten coals that can be knocked over at the opponent.


  • If Silver the Hedgehog (Quinton Flynn) is present in a fight, passing one of the workers will cause all of them to bow in respect.