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The movie begins on the last day of summer, and McKenzie's surf and sand life is about to be upturned when she departs for boarding school to fulfill her family's dream to graduate from the elite institution. But when she and Brady find themselves literally transported into his favorite classic beach musical, set in the 1960s, about a rivalry between the surfers and bikers and a star-crossed teenage boy who likes a girl, he is ecstatic for endless summer while she is eager to get back home to keep her promise to her family about her schooling. While they hatch a plan to get back to OT WILL ANSCHLUSS YOU present day, the duo try to blend in and understand 1960s teenagers, but it's not so easy when everyone around them spontaneously breaks into song and dance. And when they accidentally interfere with the plot of the movie and the lead characters, surf guy Tanner and biker girl Lela, fall for them, instead of each other, Brady and McKenzie fear their fate may be changed forever.

Featured Content

Featured Biker


"Struts" Struts is a secondary character in Wet Side Story. She is portrayted by Jessica Lee Keller. Read more... -->

Featured Surfer


"Tanner" is the leading male character in Wet Side Story. He is originally supposed to catch Lela, the leading female character, but instead, accidently catches Mack, which messes up the story line. He is portrayed by Garrett Clayton as his character and Spencer Lee as his singing voice.Read more... -->

Featured Song

TBM album cover

"Falling For Ya" Falling For Ya is a song in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie. The song is sung by Grace Phipps. This is the song Lela sings when she falls into the arms of Tanner in Wet Side Story. Read more... -->

Featured Cast Mate

Lela promotional

"Grace Phipps" Grace Phipps (born May 4, 1992) is an American actress from Austin, Texas. She has starred in shows such as Fright Night, and The Nine Lives of Chloe King . She will play Lela in Teen Beach Movie! Read more... -->

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Brady, Tanner, Mack, and Lela


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