• Bradyfan101

    lela p1!

    August 14, 2013 by Bradyfan101

    Hi everyone let me introduce myself. Im not going to use my real name because i dont know if i should,but my username is Bradyfan101.

    Well anyway I am writing this blog about lela scince I dont know what a blog is. XD

    Lela, a cool biker girl who is butchy`s little sister and  plays the romantic lead in wet side story (a film that  brady and makenze get trapped in somehow), is not always what everyone thinks of her. She is sweet kind and loving along with her abilityto see that bikers are just the same as surfers and even falls in love with one named tanner. She also wants to learn to surf herself.

    Thats all frome for now as my sister wants to go on my laptop. I will be back with more lela bloging for now bye and dont forget to look at the pic…

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