Jacob is the cousin of Brady and is the crush of Claire. 


Jacob is the cousin of Brady and is the friend of McKenzie. Jacob cares for his cousin and McKenize he is also bullied at school so McKenize tells the bully to leave her best friend alone and later thanked her for it though he had the bullies blood on his fists and was suspended a day later and as punishment he is forced to work with Brady and McKenzie even though he already works there with them. He is in love with the head cheerleader Claire and he has a hard time asking her out since he is shy around girls that's why he has trouble with McKenzie and other girls, but McKenzie is always helping him out with asking her out which he comfronted her and asks to be his girlfriend and Claire accepts with a yes though after a few weeks he finds out Claire is cheating on him and he is very heartbroken. Jacob really enjoys surfing but he cannot swim in deep water otherwise he drowns so he plays football instead and has helped the team win every game except the championship after he broke his leg during the middle of the game and was told to stay home for awhile he had homework which he didn't mind as long he got some work done. He later admits his feelings for McKenzie who later admits her feelings for him and the two begun to date each other and get married right after college. Jacob moves to a different school and it is too far from his previous school where he went with McKenzie so now he cannot ever see her again breaking both of their hearts because they were going to the school dance together but his mom said he can go to the dance at his new school but he refuses so he tries to find a way to see McKenzie. Jacob really loves old school.


Brady: Jacob really cares about his brother no matter if they get into a fight.

McKenzie: Jacob is best friends with McKenzie though it is rumored he is in love with her. 

Claire: Jacob's first and only girlfriend but they broke up when she cheated on him.

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