Jckenzie is the pairing between Jacob and McKenzie. They are best friends and oftern consider each other as siblings. 


Jacob and McKenzie have been best friends since the first grade and have grown a bond and they always look out for each other. The two consider each other like siblings and McKenzie said if Brady acts like a jerk to him she'll hit him upside his head. Jacob often calls McKenzie his sister because he really cares about her and there are times where McKenzie spends time with him when Brady is always keeps her from Jacob saying that she shouldn't be his friend and McKenzie said to leave Jacob alone and that she cares about him, but she ends the conversation saying I take care of him more Brady you're never around him anymore. Jacob takes care of McKenzie for a reason because he is clearly in love with her but he never has had feelings for her in the first grade or he was hiding it so he starts acting jealous towards his brother and saying that he loved McKenzie first. Jacob often holds McKenzie's hand and admits his feelings for her and kisses her cheek. They eventually they started dating after Brady and McKenzie broke up. Brady suggested to two should get married after high school and go to college, but prior to the graduation Jacob was never heard from after he had moved away but returned after McKenzie's grandfather toke him in so he could graduate with McKenzie. Jacob then proposed to McKenzie. McKenzie really cares about Jacob and will always protect him from danger and keep him out of trouble. A month before the dance Jacob gives McKenzie the bad news in which he is moving away and isn't coming back but he refuses to leave her and the school. A month later Jacob tries to come home to take McKenzie to the dance but his mom won't let him go because it is far but McKenzie arranges away for him to come so she can at least have her first dance with him and first kiss. McKenzie felt so heartbroken when Jacob left and she was in tears while writing a letter to him before he left for good.

Nicknames for each other 

Bubbie: Jacob  

Sissy: McKenzie 

Baby brother: Jacob 

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