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  • I live in the US!
  • My occupation is a high schooler, a Broadway enthusiast, and an aspiring thespian.
  • I am your Boombox.
  • Jessie1010

    Hey everybody! This is the first ever "Get a Closer Look" blog post, a series of blog post that will lead up to the premiere of Teen Beach Movie! This first blog post will focus on a recent performance on Good Morning America by the Teen Beach Movie cast! The cast performed Cruisin for a Bruisin! It's a great song!

    They even opened with a comedic skit. Biker leader, Butchy, walks up the stairs heading to the studio with biker chicks Chee Chee and Struts following behind him. Butchy appears to be annoyed, saying he never will take the train again and he'd rather ride his bike. Chee Chee apologizes, apparently she and Struts didn't want to ride there because they didn't want the wind to mess up their hair. They're gonna be on Good Morning Ameri…

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  • Jessie1010
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