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Hey everybody! It's your admin, Jessie1010, here to announce this very big Teen Beach Movie Wiki event. As you all may know, Teen Beach Movie premieres Friday July 19, 2013. Well I have put together a little event for the wiki leading up to the premiere.

Get a Closer Look

All leading up to the premiere of Teen Beach Movie, we will be posting different blog posts each day containing clips, promos, and behind the scenes videos! Each blog post will feature a whole chunk of them and we can all speculate each one, discussing what we think about it. :D

Teen Beach Movie Premiere Chat


On July 19, the admins will be on chat to host a Teen Beach Movie premiere chat! This event will intertwine with the Austin & Ally Wiki as well as the Liv and Maddie Wiki! As many of you may know, July 19 is a big night of premieres on DC. First we have an all new episode of the Disney Channel series, Austin & Ally, the premiere of the newest Disney Channel original movie, Teen Beach Movie, and then the series preview of Disney Channel's upcoming series, Liv and Maddie! All night we will be in chat to talk each other about the premieres while they premiere, during commercial breaks! You can talk about what you thought was funny, who your favorite character is so far, and things like that! It will be a lot like the Austin & Ally premiere chat. Check out the schedule below:


At 7:30, the premiere chat will begin at the Austin & Ally Wiki chat Austin & Ally Wiki Chat so we can chat about the new episode of Austin & Ally, Tunes & Trials.
We will move the party to the Teen Beach Movie Wiki Chat for the premiere of Teen Beach Movie!
We will move the party (again, yes again, :P) to the Liv and Maddie Wiki Chat for the premiere of the series preview of Liv and Maddie!
We will keep chatting about the entire night and talk about the highlights!
We will officially end the Teen Beach Movie premiere chat.

So that's it! This event will take place for east coasters AND west coasters. Admins will just have to do both sessions. BUT this event will be more active for the east coast since that is the actual premiere. Can't wait everyone! See ya there! Check out the promo for the night of premieres below!

"Teen Beach Movie," "Austin & Ally" and "Liv and Maddie" promo

"Teen Beach Movie," "Austin & Ally" and "Liv and Maddie" promo