Rriding a Bike I leaning making Surf and sit down playing water I not been Disneyland or Disney World She was little girl she love Aladdin and Bamboo Her favorite color is dark pink and red Black She learning Piano, Guitar, Drum She love watching Teen Beach Movie 2 She love going to school and hangout Her favorite wet side story Best Friend CheeChee She listen to Spoifiy and music loud She love playing Wii U, PlayStation 2 Playing a Angry Birds, Super Mario 3D World She love to Travel California I wear Sunglasses all the time I wear 2 shoe favorite color pink and Black Size 3 And Black Jean with 2 Leather Jacket She love Facebook and Twitter Skype another stuff John DeLuca is my favorite leader of the rodents Krystal starting Reading Book Teen Beach Movie Teen Beach 2 with her Glass on She wear a nike glove She had a bike 3 bike at home She love taking a pictures of me all the time

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