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Wet Side Story
Wet Side Story poster behind Brady.





Andrew Hart

Alexandra Gary

Wet Side Story is the movie within the movie, Teen Beach Movie. This movie is a musical and is Brady's favorite musical ever. He and his girlfriend, McKenzie get transported into this movie. Wet Side Story is a parody of West Side Story.


Wet Side Story is set in the 1960s, about a rivalry between the surfers and bikers, fighting for control of the popular beach hangout, Big Mama's. But soon trouble arises when biker girl and sister of the biker leader, Lela, falls into the arms of Tanner, a surfer dude. The two soon fall in love. Throughout the movie, everyone spontaneously breaks into song and dance.
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  • Tanner is the another leader male character with a radiant smile but not the sharpest mind. He falls in love with Lela.
  • Seacat is a quirky member of the surfers.
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  • Giggles is a member of the surfers who loves to dance.
  • Rascal is another member of the surfers
  • Kiki is a background member of the surfers


  • Lela is the leading female character who falls in love with Tanner.
  • Butchy is the leader of the biker clique, The Rodents. He is Lela's older brother and very protective of Lela.
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  • Lugnut is Butchy's sidekick.
  • Chee Chee is Lela's good friend and Strut's best friend.
  • Struts is a biker girl who loves to strut in her hot pink high heels.


  • Mack and Brady get stuck in this movie after Brady tries to save Mack.
  • Brady's favorite part of the movie is when Lela and Tanner's eyes meet.
  • Brady's favorite song from this movie is Crusin For A Brusin.
  • Wet Side Story is a spin off the movie "West Side Story"

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